Challenger Restoration
1973 Dodge Challanger featured in the October 2005 issue of Mopar Muscle under Readers Rides.

Black Beauty Was Just One Horse.
*Who: John Engelken
*Where: Centralia Kansas
*What: 73 Dodge Challenger
The Story: As John was driving a delievery route in the late 80s, he spotted this E-Body sitting in a back yard. As fast as he could, he purchased it (for $300!) and hauled it home.  The car was originally dull yellow with a white vinyl top. It sported a 340 four-barrel bolted to a lazy automatic.  John's brother-in-law ran a service station, so with a llittle late-night help from some friends, they put in a new 727 transmission, and the car quickly became the second car for his family of five.  In the early 90s, John pulled the engine and sent it to be rebuilt by a local shop.  Over the years, John collected parts and information (a la Mopar Muscle) for restoring the car.  In 1999 the car was stripped and taken to Bern Auto Body.  Jerry Nordhus, the body shop owner, worked on the car, and John spent many nights and weekends working on the car under the supervision of Jerry's keen eye.  His dream was realized three and a half years later in June 2003 when he and his daughter Jill, finally got to drive his Black Beauty home,  He now attends area car shows and has won an award or trophy at every one so far.